Patience is a virtue… that I do not possess.


I want ice cream. Like, really, really, really want some rocky road ice cream smothered in marshmallow topping right now. So, I slowly wander over to the fridge (in a I’m-a-ninja-nobody-sees-me-heading-over-there kinda way), place my hand on the door, look up, and see that photo I had previously strategically placed on the freezer door. It’s me, about 197lbs holding my now almost 8 year old daughter. I close the door and grab some almonds instead.

The hardest part for me about this weightloss journey is understanding how far I’ve come and how long it took. Honestly, sometimes it feels like yesterday I was that larger version of me, just uncomfortable and unhappy. Sometimes, I’ll look in the mirror and still see the “old” me or all the tiny things that I still want to fix. So, I guess you can say that finally, almost eight years later, I learned what it…

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