The bliss of not knowing…


I have a confession – I have not stepped on a scale since December. Haven’t thought about it, haven’t looked, haven’t cared. Felt kind of strange since prior to that I was basically weighing myself on a daily basis during my 10 week prep to the Excalibur show.

Since the show, I’ve been pretty much eating what I want. Well, I mean I’ve stayed semi healthy and keeping my meals close to the core “plan” I’m used to. But when I want an oreo, I have an oreo and I definitely haven’t been saying no to fruit. I’ve enjoyed a few outings with friends, some much needed catch up time with my girlfriends, and when the kids request pizza you bet I’ve had a slice (or two).  I’ve been training consistently and heavier than before but definitely haven’t looked at a treadmill or cardio machine… and surprise! I’ve been blissfully happy.


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