How a cat Bob changed a homeless musician James Bowen’s life?

A homeless musician James Bowen meets homeless red cat Bob changing his life forever. Last year, a book by James “Street Bob cat: a man and a cat in the streethave hope.”

One day in the subway James saw a red cat with a wound to the leg, likely resulting in a fight with another cat. It was obvious that the cat needed help. James could not pass and took the cat to the vet. With a little medical treatment and prescription drugs the cat is finally recovered. At that point James found it impossible to say bye to Street Cat Bob. Bob followed James everywhere he went. As James played the guitar on the street and Bob sitting nearby, revenues increased dramatically. People found it difficult to pass when they looked at the cute kitty. James goes on to write a book describing their adventures in the street which was full of life – both dramatic and comedic. In the book James says that could not have imagined how meeting Bob would change his life. Friendship with the cat healed him from a life that had been very hard. Most likely, if Bob could speak, he would say the same thing.


10427270_686581264772160_5743977479266722608_n10425111_686577411439212_5450490920659144826_n10464301_686579048105715_5067023230528165341_n10491236_686579351439018_8605972895694437319_n10313412_686578358105784_7707290851915726112_n10518661_686578851439068_8192907685247691882_n10301595_686576904772596_564186405349345973_n  10338719_686580184772268_8987336584090111096_n 10361976_686579524772334_1024066197776934670_n 10385480_686580574772229_239157238079565904_n 10394538_686581754772111_6648486263804228313_n 10401371_686581998105420_1730253580225105169_n  10407994_686581454772141_4596530353562832076_n    10468363_686582311438722_5287714113442880411_n 10476400_686578494772437_4874125979805441812_n 10488070_686579848105635_1733736086544717499_n  10514497_686576538105966_3171243077943169546_n 10517545_686580478105572_2474106604567846681_n


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