15 “Most” unnecessary use of “Quotation Marks”

When misused, quotation marks make even the most innocent sentences worthy of some serious suspicion.  Take a look of these hilarious signs:



1e92a3bfda84b51aa9612f6b5d7d7158 1beb37ed548ce0dbc0ca47258744b778 163251e232094286114108f09e0a46c4 37be7f8ff3ef4173e2e180cb150ff6e3 5a711208df5f83afc434cf1233908461bce83b614c52011310c66267ff0ed52f 041aa8233e940c0f5cb8ec9ea0c38e98 c249d67b149ff11aedc9b6d2dac22dcd 9def38681613797e68cf3bf9d44f69eb d15654cdb69f778d2686d89254315365 22670c06c70b78f05bf68aadebf6e411 e0f0ea6fb4721938ecf1d787ae155813 32300f3db1e014f31863040d78d841d4 80c962e39d433711289649c8324f7193


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